Animal Farm

How to vote (for beginners):

Step one: Listen to all the lies spewed from all the privileged mouths belonging to parties A and B.

Step two: Select which set of lies suits you best.

Step three: Believe these lies with all your heart, soul and intimate areas.

Step four: Vote for your party of choice.

Step five: Quickly realize the folly of your ways as you proceed to be socio-politically molested for a period of five years in all available orifices.

Step six: Complain, cry, vent, protest and generally bad-mouth previously selected party for remainder of term in office.

Step seven: When election season returns, repeat from Step one.

On recent campaign platforms talk of a variety of animals has been bandied about, with copious amounts of outrage following from all corners of our tiny islands. Accusations as to who is right, who is wrong, and discussions over who essentially has the intelligence, capability, honesty and sense of duty to serve our citizens are rampant. Everybody and their mother has an opinion, has a strong feeling, and is suddenly a political analyst, able to track performance, facts and figures like last week’s Play Whe marks, and determine who will definitely come out on top. All of a sudden, everybody sees everybody else in terms of party preference. In this 21st century, where technology is already thinking on its own, we continue to allow our minds to be manipulated by those in the political limelight, and happily believe we are making our very own decisions.

Every five years the same thing occurs. We listen to propaganda, lies and half truths and allow ourselves to be caught once again in the never-ending saga that is the UNC vs PNM political battle. And boy, can these men and women pull our strings! They know exactly how to stroke our egos and light the fires of our passions, exactly how to play on our fears and inner ists: the sexist, the racist, the homophobe, the xenophobe etc. They can tap into our secret selves with well constructed words and play us a tune that we will happily dance to. When will we finally stop this nonsense?

We are the children of rebels, revolutionaries and fighters. Our ancestors toiled under whip and sun, abided, built up the courage and strength they needed and fought for their freedom! We are the products of a legacy of love, hard work and determination. Have we forgotten this? We allow these people to continuously play with us, and we do nothing! Cry and complain and bad talk every man-jack in government, and then go back and vote for these same scoundrels! Where is the walk for all the talk? We so want change, we can’t take all the corruption anymore, every party in power steals from us, gives to their friends, supporters and families, and rides us like mules for five years…we wish there could be something better, but we cannot stand up and fight for it!

In other countries, persons drop everything and take to the streets to make the change they need come to pass. In TT we take to social media, rant and rave and then carry on with our lives as usual. We, as a nation, need to realize that the age of bipartisan governing has long passed. Party politics should be replaced by proportional representation. Let us put persons in power who are only affiliated with our needs, not their party’s demands. Let us be governed by people we can easily hold to account for their actions. Let us, as a people forged from fires of revolution, remember who we are and be the change we want to see in our little land.

And no, I am not voting for any member of a party. And no, my abstinence does not mean I give up my rights as a citizen, it is instead my motion of no confidence!

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